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The first program in our Conceptual Math series is now available for homeschool high schools. Visit our Conceptual Algebra landing page to learn more.

Featuring Professor Matt Foraker, PhD, of Western Kentucky University

This Conceptual Academy Homeschool Support Site is designed to answer your most pressing questions. You’ll find much to explore. But to answer the majority of all your questions, thank you for looking at our Price List developed in 2021 and still good through 2024!


THEN, we recommend you review our “Pathways” documents describing how Conceptual Academy can meet your science program needs for middle school through high school.

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Guided and Real Science Courses for Homeschools

We are so glad you are here. This is the support site for homeschools looking to take our guided, video rich self-study science courses hosted on the Conceptual Academy platform. We currently have 15 highly polished and comprehensive courses up and running with more in the works. We are here as your turn-key solution for all your high school science needs. Sign up is easy as 1-2-3.

    1. Select a course from our Course Descriptions (We serve grades 7 – 12)
    2. Enter the course’s “Course ID” into the registration page of ConceptualAcademy.com
    3. Consider purchasing the accompanying textbook (see course descriptions)

The centerpiece of Conceptual Academy: our videos, which we’ve been producing for many years. We recommend you visit the “Videos” tab in the main menu. This will lead you to our YouTube channel where we post select samples for the general public.

Scroll down to learn more about who we are and to learn more about our comprehensive curricula. Briefly, we are a company of energetic and seasoned college science professors, who are also the authors of the highly-regarded and popular “conceptual” line of science textbooks. Our first conceptual title rocked the physics education world in 1972 and remains the number one liberal arts physics textbook, now in its 12th edition. Our other conceptual titles have followed suit. Conceptual Academy is our next-generation platform where it all comes together for the modern-age student.

For all inquiries, you can write to us at Support@ConceptualAcademy.com.


LearnScience.Academy is a guide to the rich resources available for the homeschooling community at Conceptual Academy, which offers guided full credit courses based upon the “conceptual” line of science textbooks and the authors’ library of 900+ engaging video lessons. Each Conceptual Academy course also provides study advice from the authors, worksheets, chapter summaries, automated quizzes, our  automated “encouragement-based” homework system, a grade book, unit exams, and lab manuals that focus on meaningful activities accomplished with materials readily available in your home or a local discount store. The works! Our focus is on quality and on engaging the student with the wonders of the natural universe. Thank you for taking the time to review our materials. Mostly: Welcome to the Conceptual Academy community! We look forward to working with you.

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In Summary. . .

cropped-CALogoSqLg.jpgThank you for visiting LearnScience.Academy. If you would love to have a well-versed instructor provide your student with solid instruction so you can concentrate on the playful aspects of teaching, such as activities, experiments, and field trips, then you have come to the right place.

Each Conceptual Academy course is designed around one of our market-leading textbooks and includes a library of our video lessons that you will find to be immediately accessible to your student in an engaging way. The best way to understand how an actual course works is to take a look at our free sample course page.

But please keep this in mind, the joy your student finds will not be not from us. Rather the joy arises naturally from learning science for what it is: a window of understanding into this natural universe in which we are all so blessed to be alive. We authors are just your experienced tour guides.




Your book is truly the best one I have found to promote an interest in what I call “chemistry for life” for students who are not necessarily pursuing a science major in college.  The other books/curriculum I have looked at are usually written in a dry and uninteresting manner and also focus heavily on the math! While this is adequate for the very academic learners and those wanting to pursue an education in the sciences, it usually makes the majority of the students hate chemistry (except if the teacher can make it “come alive”). I just can’t quite bring myself to use one of those books again.  Thanks for making the world of chemistry interesting and approachable.
S. Weaver

Homeschool co-op director

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Here is one of our more recent video lessons. It nicely demonstrates the value of the video format in helping us to understand and appreciate the wonders of our natural universe.



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Way down here to the bottom of the page. This suggests that, like us, you too are rather detail oriented. That means you probably want to go straight to the teacher’s manual to find things such as the course planner. We have such a manual for each course, which you will find embedded within the first lesson for you to download. These manuals are also available here at LearnScience.Academy within each course description. But here you are at the bottom of the ocean, waiting patiently. So, as a sample, here is a link to the teacher’s manual for: Conceptual Chemistry, the Full Version (grades 9+). You’ll find it representative of all our other manuals. It will give you a strong idea of our teaching philosophies and how, exactly, you might implement a Conceptual Academy course with your student. Scroll to the end of this manual to find the full length log sheet planner.

CC Full Version, Teacher’s Manual