Physical Science (Explorations)

Our junior high school physical science “explorations” title is geared for grades 7 – 9 actually covering a bit more breadth than our more sophisticated high school/college physical science titles. The depth of coverage, however, is lighter and the questions at the back of each chapter and the unit exams are not as challenging, though they still push the envelope for this younger age group. Our “explorations” titles make for a good introduction to the basic concepts while also nurturing an enthusiasm for learning more about science.


Physical Science, Explorations, The Full Version (Grades 7 – 9) (Price $75)

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Full Version (25 – 36 weeks)

Textbook:Conceptual Physical Science Explorations, 2e. Sold separately

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This self-study course collates all 34 chapters of the Conceptual Physical Science Explorations textbook into 5 units and a total of 34 classes (one chapter per class). Recommended for grade levels 7 – 9. This is ample material for two semesters of study. Included are 277 video lessons, 30 chapter quizzes, and 206 video quizzes. Performance is tracked through a student grade book. Included are comments from the authors about the content of each class, worksheets, and unit exams.  Numerous hands-on activities are available right within the textbook. Lab manual with many additional activities is also available: “Conceptual Physical Science Explorations, 2e, Lab Manual“, by Dean Baird.


5 Units; 33 Classes

Unit A: Mechanics
Unit B: Forms of Energy
Unit C: Chemistry
Unit D: Earth Science
Unit E: Astronomy



Sample Chemistry Video: Medicines

“The CONCEPTUAL approach means a focus on the concepts. Although much of physical science is mathematical, a firm grasp of its concepts is crucial to understanding. Hence our motto: concepts first. Enjoy!”