Physical Science (Explorations)

Our junior high school physical science “explorations” title is geared for grades 7 – 9. We generally recommend this course to students starting Conceptual Academy in the 8th or 9th grade. The course can be completed in a single year, or extended over two years at a slower pace. Once completed, the student is ready to being with Conceptual Physics as per our Osmium, Os, pathway. This course makes for a good introduction to the basic concepts of physical science while also nurturing an enthusiasm for the further study of science in high school.


Physical Science, Explorations, The Full Version (Grades 7 – 9) $95

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Full Version (1 year, 2 years at a slower pace)

Textbook:Conceptual Physical Science Explorations, 2e. Sold separately

Click here to learn more about this textbook from the publisher. Here is a link to some sample pages from one of the astronomy chapters: CPSESample

This comprehensive self-study course collates all 34 chapters of the Conceptual Physical Science Explorations textbook into 5 units and a total of 34 modules (one module per chapter). Recommended for grade levels 7 – 9. This is ample material for a single year of study, and potentially longer if taken at a slower pace. Along with a library of video tutorials and reading assignments, included are worksheets, simulations, study advice from the authors, automated quizzes with grade book, complete labs using household materials, and unit exams. This course provides a strong and enjoyable introduction to physical science for the young and energetic adolescent. It also serves well as a precursor to our high school level Conceptual Physics or Conceptual Chemistry courses. To learn more about implementing this Physical Science Explorations course, please download its teacher’s manual:

CPSE Full Version Teacher’s Manual

5 Units; 33 Modules

Unit A: Mechanics
Unit B: Forms of Energy
Unit C: Chemistry
Unit D: Earth Science
Unit E: Astronomy



Sample Chemistry Video: Medicines

“The CONCEPTUAL approach means a focus on the concepts. Although much of physical science is mathematical, a firm grasp of its concepts is crucial to understanding. Hence our motto: concepts first. Enjoy!”