Integrated Science

An “integrated science” course serves the purpose of a “general science” course covering both the physical and life sciences. These courses are “integrated” in that the fields of science are not compartmentalized. For example, in describing the physics of light, we show how this applies to the inner workings of our eyes, which, in turn, are sensitive to visible light in great part because of the chemical composition of our atmosphere. Our high school and jr. high integrated science courses each cover the same material. The high school level course, described below, is more intensive with longer lessons as well as more rigorous unit exams. You should know that this particular full version course is the most comprehensive of all our courses featuring our newly minted biology video lessons. This curriculum is used by colleges for a two semester college-level sequence. At a slower pace, this course could reasonably be extended over a two year period for a full two years of high school science credit. Listed on a separate page we also have our lower level integrated science “explorations” course appropriate for the junior high school student (Grades 7 – 9).

Conceptual Integrated Science, Full Version (Grades 10+) $115

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Full Version (25 – 36 weeks)

Textbook: Conceptual Integrated Science, 2e (CIS2e)

Review a .pdf of the front matter of this textbook, including its table of contents. Also, here are a few sample textbook pages from one of our biology chapters: CISSample

This upper level self-study course collates all 29 chapters of the Conceptual Integrated Science textbook into 5 units and a total of 29 lessons (one lesson per chapter). This course, adapted from a college level curriculum, provides a strong and enjoyable introduction to integrated science for the mature high school student.  Recommended for grade levels 10 and higher. As with all our courses, performance on our automated quizzes is tracked through a student grade book. Video tutorials and reading assignments are complemented by study advice from the authors, worksheets, interactive simulations, homework assignments, automated quizzes, and unit exams. Included are full suite of lab activities that can be performed using materials available within your household or a local discount store. This course serves well as a precursor to our Conceptual Physics or Conceptual Chemistry courses, which provide greater depth on a broader range of topics. To learn more about this comprehensive Conceptual Integrated Science course, please review its teacher’s manual:

Conceptual Integrated Science Teacher’s Manual

5 Units; 29 Classes

Unit A: Physics
Unit B: Chemistry
Unit C: Biology
Unit D: Earth Science
Unit E: Astronomy




Sample Biology Video: Biochemistry


“Most of the scientific questions you’re curious about, or need to know, involve not just one discipline, but several of them in an overlapping way. What is the nature of the universe? That’s astronomy + physics. How are our bodies altered by the foods we eat? That’s chemistry + biology. What of our climate? That’s all of the above: physics, chemistry, biology, and Earth science!”