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FAQ: Where do I find the textbook?

Answer: Each of our courses is accompanied by a textbook written by ourselves, but published by our publisher, Pearson. Because we are the authors, we are not allowed to sell the textbooks. This is properly the domain of our publisher. To find our textbook, just enter the textbook title in a web search. You’ll find them readily available (new, used, or rented) at places such as Amazon, AbeBooks, and Pearson. For the eTextbook, search VitalSource.

FAQ: When does my course enrollment expire?

Answer: Never! Our courses run continuously and we keep updating them, primarily over the summer months. We are in the midst of our current summer 2020 updates, which will be completed by early August. This includes our new Homeschool Planet planners, two new lab manuals, many more videos, and much more. You can sign up at any time and the course is yours for as long as your student needs it. We have found this sort of flexibility is critical for a quality learning environment (See below quote for recent testimony). Of particular value are our 2 year courses (CIS, CISE, and CPSE), which until this October 2020 are priced the same as our already under priced 1 year courses. Toward this, thank you for exploring further. We look forward to welcoming you to our Conceptual Academy homeschool learning community.

FAQ: Do you have planner PDFs?

Answer: We will have our planners soon made available in PDF form, which can be printed and kept in a good old fashion notebook or taped to the refrigerator door. These PDFs will be offered as a separate purchase right here at LearnScience.Academy for the same price that Homeschool Planet subscribers will find at the Homeschool Planet website. By when? ASAP! We’re on the final stretch of producing these very detailed planners. Click here for a sample Astronomy Planner. Our aim: by the second week in August, which is right around the corner.

Hello John,

I came across this email chain as I was clearing out my inbox. It has been quite a few years, but I want to give you an update on the impact Conceptual Physics made on my daughter. She now considers herself a physics nerd, reads and watches all things sci-fi and physics/astronomy-related, and managed to self-study math through to applied calculus for physics after your program. She has never wavered from her ambition to go into mechanical engineering and has an interest in propulsion engines (and would love to find a way to work on concept projects for nuclear-powered space travel). She continues to build rockets and compete on rocket teams, winning several national awards with her team mates. Although she was accepted at some of the top universities for mechanical engineering, the whole COVID-19 came into play, and she is sticking close to home. She’ll be attending Oakland University Honors College with great scholarships, and is looking forward to joining the Physics Club and organizing a university-level rocket team (as COVID-19 precautions allow).
Thank you for that extra time you gave her with access to the Conceptual Academy Physics online resources at the start of her homeschool high school, and the extra time to really develop a passion that launched her dreams. May you continue to bless many more students in the work you do.

Conceptual Academy Overview

CALogoSqLgCollege professors and high school teachers use our textbooks in tandem with their courses. Likewise, we use our textbooks in tandem with the self-study courses we have developed at Conceptual Academy. Thus, taking any one of our courses is a two-step process: 1) Sign up for the course that best fits your needs and interests. 2) Purchase the accompanying textbook, which you’ll find available online either through our publisher, Pearson Education, or third party retailers, such as Amazon.

You can be confident that any science course taken through Conceptual Academy is both enjoyable and widely recognized as the foundation of any accredited science curriculum.

  1. To learn more about each textbook, please review its “front matter” shown below where you’ll find the table of contents and our teaching philosophies.
  2. To learn more about our self-study courses, review the “Our Courses” descriptions accessible through the side bar menu.
  3. To learn how Conceptual Academy can work for an entire Middle School and High School science program, scroll downward!

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Click on a textbook to view the .pdf of its front matter, which includes the table of contents



Middle School Through High School

We are often asked what sequence of science courses we might suggest for homeschooling students of different starting points within their middle school through high school years. We created this pathways document to help answer this question. Of course, every student is unique. Thus, these flow charts serve only as a broad brush stroke general guide for you to apply to your own particular situation.

For a complete discussion of these graphics, open this document: Pathways.pdf