Homeschool Co-ops

CALogoSqLgWe offer “instructor-led” courses that are a perfect tool for homeschool instructors looking to work with four or more students within the same course.  For more information, please visit our sister support site, which is a site we built specifically for college and high school instructors using Conceptual Academy. With three or fewer students it works best when each student purchases a self-study course, which is just as easy for you to monitor.

Please note: The structure and design of is very similar to LearnScience.Academy. The focus, however, is for the instructor working with a class of students.

Briefly, the homeschool co-op instructor selects any one of our self-study courses as a template from which a complete instructor-led course can be built (by us) and then managed by the instructor. You have the tools to modify the course as you see fit. This includes setting due dates, changing the content of each lesson, and personalizing FYI pages. You also have access to a class grade book that tracks student scores from the reading and video quizzes, as well as the Homework Practice Sessions (HPS). The course you develop can then be used for subsequent years.

Thank you for your interest in running a co-op science class through Conceptual Academy. To learn more, please visit ConceptualScience,com. After exploring this sister support site your next step would be to contact us at to request the set up of an instructor’s account.