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Textbook: Conceptual Physics, 12e (CP12e) Sold separately

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Presented by the highly acclaimed physics professor, Paul Hewitt, this self-study physics course walks the student through the material Paul would typically cover in his physics course for non-science majors at City College of San Francisco. For any one semester he would leave several chapters out. This syllabus includes all of his favorite topics and so would be a bit much for a single college semester, but just right for a two semester slower paced course of study. Highly recommended for students needing an introduction to the essential concepts of physics, whether it be to fulfill a science requirement or as preparation for further studies. Eight unit exams are provided along with study aids, such as worksheets. For each class, the author also provides his personal comments and guidance regarding the material based upon his many years of working with students. Numerous hands-on activities are available right within the textbook. Lab manual with many additional activities is also available: Conceptual Physics 12e Lab Manual by Dean Baird

8 Units; 41 Classes

Unit A: Mechanics Part 1
Unit B: Mechanics Part 2
Unit C: Matter
Unit D: Heat
Unit E: Sound
Unit F: Electromagnetism
Unit G: Light
Unit H: Modern Physics


Sample Physics Video: Buoyancy

“This course holds all the passion of my life’s work. I’m confident you will find it to be not only informative, but delightful, as have millions of others who have used my curriculum over the past many years.”