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Thank you for participating in our forum, which you can access through the sidebar menu. The goal of this forum is to allow you to share your questions, concerns, and suggestions with other users of Conceptual Academy as well as the authors who will be moderating the forum.

• eScience Lab Kits

Below are the product SKU’s to purchase the lab kits at a 10% discount. You enter these on their “Have a code?” page. Note, they’ll also want you to sign up for an account at their site, which allows you to preview all of their products. We currently only have customized chemistry kits available. If there are sufficient requests, we’ll get the ball rolling for customized kits in physics and physical science. Please let us know how these kits are working for you, say, through the forum.

  • Helium, 16 experiments, 10 units, $148.50 + shipping: Product Code: Kit4512
  • Neon, 22 experiments, 14 units, $197.10 + shipping: Product Code: Kit4511
  • Argon, 34 experiments, 21 units, $238.50 + shipping: Product Code: Kit4510

PLEASE NOTE: You will first need to create an account with eScienceLabs. You will then be able to use these codes.

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As Platinum member, you’ve already set up your subscription. Thank you for your support! Your next step is to look through our course descriptions and select a course. The course IDs for self-study courses you see posted to the public or to Gold members are NOT what you PlatinumPtshould be using. As a Platinum member, we offer you a unique set of Course ID’s that allow you to set up student accounts at no additional charge beyond your subscription. So where are these special Course ID’s? Look to the Menu Platinum at the top of the sidebar. The link you see there will be active for 14 days after you’ve started your Platinum membership. So it’s a good idea to set up your accounts soon. If this time has passed and you have yet to set up your accounts, just contact us and we can set up these accounts for you.

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P.S. The above high resolution photograph of a glacier-formed valley was taken by our talented lab manual co-author, Dean Baird, who, by the way, also received the 2012 Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (He got to meet POTUS for the occasion!). For more about Dean and his remarkable photography, visit: